Executive Director

Dr. Maha El-Rabbat

Dr. Maha El Rabbat is a Professor of Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. She was appointed as the Minister of Health and Population and is now the Executive Director for the MENA Health Policy Forum.

As a Faculty member, Dr. Maha was the head of the Public Health Department, and is a member of the curriculum development, quality and accreditation and research ethics committees. She has a medical background and holds MSc and PhD in Public Health. She carried out her postgraduate studies in the fields of health sector reform, health systems strengthening and population studies and is heavily involved in work related to those areas.

She has engaged in professional consultancies and practice in national, international and global studies and projects around service improvement, system strengthening, system evaluation and development of strategic plans for population programs and health promotion. Dr. Maha has professional experience in public health teaching, capacity building, community based health interventions, operations research and communication.  


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