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The MENA Health Policy Forum is an independent, non-profit  organization orginally registered in Switzerland in 2008 with membership drawn from health policy researchers and policy experts from the MENA countries. As of March 2016,the forum has been registered in Egypt as an independent foregin NGO under law 84 for year 2002 of the Egyptian Law. The Forum is currently the only independent nongovernmental health policy network in existence covering all MENA region.

In implementing our mission, the Forum seeks to influence policy development and dialogue through:

  • Commissioning and by disseminating high quality original policy-relevant research and analysis;
  • Building the national and regional capacity for sound independent policy-relevant research and analysis;
  • Facilitating networking and exchange of ideas and experiences amongst those with an interest in health policy. 


The Context


Even after years of investment, the health systems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region continue to face myriad challenges that collectively result in inadequate and inequitable health outcomes, insufficient human capital development, and, in the long run, reduced economic growth. Despite efforts to improve their performance, the health systems in these countries continue to be plagued by inadequate and inequitable access to care. Moreover, health care services tend to be inefficiently provided and of poor technical quality. In the public sector, this problem is compounded by poor service quality, causing many, including the poor, to seek care in the private sector, which, in cases of catastrophic illness, contributes to impoverishment of all but the richest population groups. With an increasing burden of disease due to chronic illnesses, the countries in the region are poorly equipped to meet the new challenges caused by the aging of their populations and the emergence of new scourges such as HIV/AIDS.


Many factors contribute to the poor performance of the health systems in the region, but particularly significant is the lack of evidence-based policymaking, which is due in part to a dearth of systematic research and analysis of health sector challenges in the region, limited or non-existing data, and an inadequate capacity to conduct applied health policy research and analysis. Even when research and analysis exist, their results are rarely used to guide the development of national health policies, nor are they shared with other countries in the region.

Legal Status

THE MENA HPF - Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum (Forum de la Politique de Santé du Moyen Orient et de la Nord Afrique)”, abbreviation MENA HPF, is  registered in Egypt as an independent forgein NGO under law 84 for year 2002 of the Egyptian law.

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The Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum is grateful for the generous support and interest of our donors and collaborating partners.  

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The MENA HPF mission is to contribute to the development, of effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable policies that improve health and/or that mitigate adverse consequences of ill health, in the MENA region for those who are most disadvantaged.     View our Vision & Mission >>