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The Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum (MENA HPF) invites scholars from multiple disciplines to apply for Membership. Through the mission of the MENA HPF we aim to serve as a resource for health policy research, and evidence-based policymaking about health and healthcare in the MENA region.

With your help, the MENA HPF can develop into a vibrant resource and networking support for all of us seeking to understand and improve health and healthcare systems in the region.

Selection criteria for candidates for MENA HPF Membership

New members of the Forum will be selected with the objective of strengthening the ability of the Forum to achieve its mission. To that end, the Forum will seek candidates with following qualifications:

  • Expertise in the areas of health management and planning, economics, statistics, public health, sociology of medicine and political economy;
  • Experience with health policy issues, nationally, regionally and/or internationally;
  • Commitment to participate in forum meetings and to contribute to the solution of health policy problems;
  • Personal interest in the aim of the Forum, either by dint of residence, upbringing or nationality.
  • Members of the Forum are expected to participate actively in the Forum.

The review will be based on

A candidate for Membership must be nominated by (i) at least two Members of the Forum or (ii) by the Advisory Committee.

The review will be based on the recommendations made by Members of the Forum, the candidate’s CV, publications, qualifications and other information available to the Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee will review the candidates for Membership according to the above criteria and will submit its recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Five years after appointment, Members of the Forum must have their Membership renewed, following the same procedure new candidates follow, save that nomination is assumed.

The MENA HPF welcomes applications for membership by all who are able to contribute to the achievement of the Forum’s objectives. Interested individuals should fill out and submit the Membership Application Form and submit it to the MENA HPF.


Membership Application Form

 Note: Membership applications are reviewed twice during MENA HPF Board Meetings and will be announced once ready. 


Membership Benefits

Members of the Forum have the following rights:

  • To participate in the activities organized by the Forum.
  • To receive information about the activities organized by the Forum.
  • To participate at the annual General Meeting and at extraordinary General Meetings.
  • To vote at such meetings.
  • To submit papers for publication by the Forum or for presentation in Forum events (subject to the Forum’s quality assurance procedures).
  • To receive all publications by the Forum against payment of fees to be determined by the Board of Trustees guided by the cost of production.


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The Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum is grateful for the generous support and interest of our donors and collaborating partners.  

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The MENA HPF mission is to contribute to the development, of effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable policies that improve health and/or that mitigate adverse consequences of ill health, in the MENA region for those who are most disadvantaged.     View our Vision & Mission >>