In this section you will find key MENA HPF publications including our Institutional Charter, Annual Report, Press Releases and other organization documents produced by MENA HPF that are shared with our stakeholders and constituencies.

MENA HPF’s Annual Reports are the summaries of our activities over a given year, and a preview of our activities in the following months. The Annual Report is presented to our membership each year our Annual General Assembly, held prior to our regional Conference.

You will also find Forum brochures, press releases, and other information on our organization. This section includes public access documents.


MENA HPF Documents 

  1. Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum Charter
  2. About Us 2015


Event reports

  1. Tunisia's symposium, June 2012
  2. Turkey's regional symposium, November 2013
  3. Governance in Universal Health Coverage, Cairo, Egypt, January 2015

Working Papers

  1. Risk assessment of the introduction of Ebola into the MENA region: Directives for preparedness and prevention
  2. Briefing note on the Political Economy of Health in the MENA Region
  3. Health Policy and Systems Research: Evidence Gap Map in 15 Countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region
  4. A Glance on Efforts to Strengthen Healthcare Governance in the MENA Region
  5. Governance Initiatives in Egypt's Healthcare Sector: Five Case Studies
  6. Health System Governance Assessment in the MENA Region-An Exploratory Methodology

Materials from latest event (January 2015 Governance in UHC workshop in Cairo, Egypt)

  1. Key note speech by Dr. Ziad Bahaa El-Din, Former deputy prime minister of Egypt and former minister of international cooperation
  2. Opening speech by Dr. Tamer Rabie, Senior Health Specialist at the World Bank Group
  3. Presentation by Dr. Awad Mataria, EMRO on Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranian Region: From Theory to Action
  4. Presentation by Dr. Mostafa Hunter, HEGTA, giving a Glance on Governance issues on the MENA region
  5. Presentation by Dr. Riku Elovainio, WHO, on Equity in Universal Health Coverage
  6. Presentation by Dr. Hala AbouTaleb, WHO, on the Right to Health and Health Equity
  7. Presentation by Dr. Leonardo Cubillos, World Bank, on the Right to Health in the Context of Universal Health Coverage for Egypt
  8. Presentation by Dr. Mokhtar Warida on Intellectual Property Law related to the Pharmaceutical Sector
  9. Presentation by Dr. Mohamed Ramzy, WHO on Promoting Good Governance for the Pharmaceutical Sector
  10. Background Paper by Dr. Mohamed Ramzy, WHO, on Promoting Good Governance for the Pharmaceutical Sector. 
  11. A presentation by Dr. Eric Mallard, World Bank, on Governance of the Pharmaceutical Sector


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The Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum is grateful for the generous support and interest of our donors and collaborating partners.  

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The MENA HPF mission is to contribute to the development, of effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable policies that improve health and/or that mitigate adverse consequences of ill health, in the MENA region for those who are most disadvantaged.     View our Vision & Mission >>