Donors and Collaborating Partners

The Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum  is an independent non-profit organization operating under Swiss law. It draws its core resources from international organizations, philanthropic foundations and non-governmental agencies.

We thank our donors for their continuing commitment.

Crucial development Seed-funding for the Forum was provided by the Department of Health of the UK to  help establish the Forum and set up its operational arm and regional Secretariat, as part of the UK Government’s concern for the promotion of the welfare of the less advantaged populations of the region, for the development of civil society institutions, and for the professional development of potential agents for change.

The World Bank has provided substantial support to MENA HPF activities in particular its conferences and has provided a grant to the MENA HPF to enable it to move forward towards sustainability.

The World Health Organization through the as provided substantial support to MENA HPF activities through various sponsorships thereby enabling the MENA HPF mission and vision to reach the widest range of stakeholders.

The MENA HPF has also been privileged to receive generous support and sponsorships for its launch activities, workshops, research projects  and conferences over the years from  IDRCThe European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, and  The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research.

The MENA HPF appreciates immensely the support received during the set up and initiation phases from the Economic Research Forum and Damascus University for  hosting its workshops and enabling the formation of the establishment task forces and the development of its Charter.

Finally, the MENA HPF is extremely grateful for  the support of its Members and various individuals who actively support the Mission of the Forum and dedicate their time and efforts to advance our work to realize our Vision.


Partner Organisations

The MENA Health Policy Forum is committed to supporting the development of national health policy fora, with aims and constitutions consistent with those of the MENA HPF.

The MENA Health Policy Forum currently has a cooperation agreement with the Palestinian Health Policy Forum.

Those interested in affiliating should email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with a description of their organisation and its aims and state of development


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The Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum is grateful for the generous support and interest of our donors and collaborating partners.  

UK Dept of Health     World Bank         WHO        

The MENA HPF mission is to contribute to the development, of effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable policies that improve health and/or that mitigate adverse consequences of ill health, in the MENA region for those who are most disadvantaged.     View our Vision & Mission >>