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Anyone can get involved with the advancement of the mission of the MENA HPF. We welcome input from a wide ...
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In this section you will find key MENA HPF publications including our Institutional Charter, Annual Report ...
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Links to research institutions, think tanks, and other platforms that focus on health policy and health services ...
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Get Involved

Anyone can get involved with the advancement of the mission of the MENA HPF. We welcome input from a wide range of people and believe it improves the relevance and quality of our work program.

Academics, subject experts, service providers and practitioners can help the MENA HPF by becoming referees and/ or suggesting research topics.

Research Projects Database

We would like your help in putting together a database of health policy research projects in the region.

Please complete the form about any research projects you have been involved in or a project that you will be involved in. The information you provide will be put on a regional database that will be available on the website.

Research Form


Suggest a research topic

The MENA HPF program commissions research where there is a gap in the knowledge the MENA region . The Forum will prioritise research that is likely to have a high impact on achieving the Forum’s aim; it will therefore focus upon tackling problems that affect a large segment of the population, that appear susceptible to solution, have policy relevance and regional importance. The relevance and impact of the research and analysis will be a priority and require sensitivity to political economy determinants of decision making, to distributional issues, political calculus (winner/loser analysis; political sustainability), alternative policy options, implementation issues, and budgetary implications and affordability.

Anyone can suggest a research topic for the MENA HPF to consider. Please send us your suggestions for any research topics by sending a concept note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The MENA HPF Forum reserves the right to decline submissions.


The Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum is grateful for the generous support and interest of our donors and collaborating partners.  If you'd like to become a MENA HPF partner contact us here >>

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Regional Symposium

An article by Dr. Zeid Hamza about the annual Middle East North Africa (MENA) Health Policy Forum Symposium titled “Improving Health System Performance through Better Governance and Accountability“ that took place in Istanbul, Turkey from 22-24, Nov 2013 ...

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The MENA HPF mission is to contribute to the development, of effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable policies that improve health and/or that mitigate adverse consequences of ill health, in the MENA region for those who are most disadvantaged.     View our Vision & Mission >>