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Annual Regional Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

On November 23, 2013, the MENA HPF convened its annual regional meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on and discuss the core functions and activities that HPF will prioritize throughout 2014-2018, within the challenges and opportunities of the current historical juncture in the region. The meeting had four main objectives:

  1. To understand the future of health system strengthening in the MENA region, and clarify MENA HFP’s role
  2. To develop new insights and understanding in health policy research within the current political economy context
  3. To discuss opportunities and challenges related to creating a research policy evidence hub in the region
  4. To identify priority areas of focus for MENA HPF’s core functions in research, analysis, and networking.

Other News

Readiness to Meet Sexual and Reproductive Health-Related Sustainable Development Goals- Policy Briefs

January 28, 2018
    Jordan SRH readiness brief 11-1-2018   Morocco SRH readiness

Expert Group Meeting -Assessment of SRH Integration in Selected Arab Countries- UNFPA

November 16, 2017
The global development agenda is currently focusing on poverty eradication, envi


October 18, 2017
Condolences  of MENA HPF for the loss of  EMRO Regional Director  Dr. Mahmoud